Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Gregory is now on the "My Family Found Me Page"

A family has committed to Gregory and it's time that we step up and help them get to him as fast as possible. The more money we raise the quicker that Gregory can be in the loving arms of his family!!

Thank you to everyone who got me started with adoring this beautiful boy. Thank you to everyone who got behind this and did everything they could to support his fund. Thank you to everyone who has donated. Most of all...THANK YOU to the family who will love and cherish him!!

Don't forget to click on the link to the left to donate to his fund and know that he's only dollars away from his forever family.


  1. There will never be words fitting enough to thank all of you who have been advocating/fundraising for my sweet boy! I am constantly humbled by the idea that someone would give their hard earned money to help me become a Mommy. I am thanking God for all of you!!! The Lord is so good. Feel free to stop by our blog to stay updated!! Let's get Gregory home SOON!!!

  2. I would love to post your blog link here so we can get people excited about Gregory's new family!! Keep us updated on all fundraising and how we can help!!

  3. Hey, guys!! Sorry it's taken me a bit to get back to you. Yes, definitely put a link to our blog! That would be great! Sorry there isn't much there anymore. I deleted my first post after I read the rules and regulations about social media and the adoption. Oooops! I'll be writing more soon.