Monday, June 11, 2012

Gregory is available to Americans again

I spoke with the director of Reeces Rainbow and Gregory's region is again open to American adoptions. Due to some issues however, Reeces Rainbow has taken Gregory's profile down from their public site. Donations can still be made to his grant however by specifying they should go to Gregory in 2H when a donation is made.

Sad News...

Unfortunately, the area that Gregory is in is currently having some legal issues with adoption. This means that adoption is now closed to families in the USA. Gregory's prospective parents have chosen to pursue other means to find that perfect fit for their family and we wish them well!

This means that Gregory is still available to families outside of the USA, so put on your thinking caps and forward this to all of your international friends ASAP! He's dangerously close to being transferred to an institution!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Gregory's New Family!

Check out the family that has committed to adopting Gregory! 
Let's help bring Gregory home as fast as possible and donate to their adoption fund! Spread the word!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Gregory is now on the "My Family Found Me Page"

A family has committed to Gregory and it's time that we step up and help them get to him as fast as possible. The more money we raise the quicker that Gregory can be in the loving arms of his family!!

Thank you to everyone who got me started with adoring this beautiful boy. Thank you to everyone who got behind this and did everything they could to support his fund. Thank you to everyone who has donated. Most of all...THANK YOU to the family who will love and cherish him!!

Don't forget to click on the link to the left to donate to his fund and know that he's only dollars away from his forever family.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The truth about HIV is that it's a manageable virus...more easily treated than diabetes.  These children who are affected need your love to live! Please consider Gregory if you're looking to adopt. This beautiful boy needs you!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Every Single Child

A friend shared a very poigniant blog on Facebook today from Sarah Zuidema. In her blog she described a conference she attended where she heard about the tragic and horrible ways many of the world's children become orphaned, kidnapped and sold into slavery or left for dead. As anyone can admit, sometimes when we hear these things we want to look away, hide our eyes because it is too much to bear...and I completely agree. The atrocities that are happening to children are horrific! But then, she describes the courageous stories of people who, though they have little, take full advantage of everything they do have and make the effort to accomplish small but amazing things.

Even though this world is filled with 163 million orphans...even though they became orphans in sometimes horrific manner...there are many ways we can HELP. My motto: if you can help, then DO IT.

You don't have to adopt to help, but helping to find an orphan a home by contributing to an adoption fund, contributing to help keep a family together, or advocating for these beautiful children can make a difference.

The goal of the organization in which Sarah Zuidema's works is to find a family for the 163 million orphans worldwide...thats EVERY SINGLE CHILD find a family. Their goal is to provide love and security to all of the world's orphans. It's such a simple, beautiful and possible vision....but we have to work together!

Go hear to read the blog from Sarah Zuidema